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We really like our customers and cannot thank them enough for choosing ServiceMaster as their experts in disaster restoration and cleaning. See some of what our customers are raving about and why ServiceMaster has been a trusted name for over 40 years.

  • Alex Jensen is very friendly and great at what he does! I trust him in our home and know that he makes sure everything is taken care of before he considers the job done. I would recommend Alex’s services to all of my family and friends!
  • I would like to tell you how professionally my home was mitigated by Jason Luckhardt and his crew. They were knowledgeable, prompt and responsive to changed situations. In addition they were very kind to folks who had been through yet another flood.
    I would highly recommend him and his wonderful guys to anyone who finds themselves in a similar circumstances.
  • The extent to which ServiceMaster Professional Services reflected positively on your insurance company? 90%
  • Good, honest people and the dog liked them (dog very choosey when it comes to people)!
  • Great job!
  • They were willing to help a neighbor with her water problem with no wait time.
    ServiceMaster Testimonials
  • The women who cleaned the house did an excellent job.
  • It was wonderful. Don`t know/remember the technician`s name, but he made an ugly situation great. Did everything he said he would do and within the time limits.
  • Thank you for being prompt and doing a thorough job.
  • Great experience. Tim and his crew were `on the ball`. He communicated throughout the process.
  • Ryan and Brian were both wonderful to work with, friendly yet professional. they were very thorough.
  • Were very professional and helpful.
  • This was the first time we`ve had to use ServiceMaster Professional Services. I thought everything went well in a timely manner.
  • Tim Arens was great – he took good care of us through the process and we hope to be back to `normal` soon. We appreciated his work in getting us back into our home. No complaints.
  • Shawn Hickman is terrific – so very helpful, professional, patient, reliable. We`ve said many times that we would not have survived this ordeal without Shawn. He`s a gem!
  • Very thorough and professional! We appreciate the work they did.
  • Excellent job.
  • Many thanks!
  • They were very helpful and answered all questions asked. Also were very respectful of our house and us.
  • They did a great job drying and disposing of carpet.
  • Very responsive. Highly professional!
  • Great service! Would definitely recommend to insurance clients and friends/family.



December 9, 2018
Hutchinson, MN
Service Master was there fairly quickly after we called. As I was not sure how things like this went, I was somewhat confused as to what they were doing at times and I think they needed to communicate better, especially the first day when you are so emotional about your loss,etc. An example is when they started tearing up all the flooring and just bits and pieces of it in different rooms. I knew the dining and kitchen area needed to be redone and basement, but when they ripped up the linoleum in a couple spots in the bathroom, I did not know why. And so now, we have to redo the floor in the bathroom too. Was it necessary to do that? I stopped them from doing it to my bedrooms as there was minimal damage in those areas. They also called my husband and told them they would be arriving one day at 11 but did not say why and he didn't ask. ( I then made them change the contact number to mine. Anyway, a crew came out to move things. I did not understand what they were moving and to where. The head guy explained that they were taking stuff to a pod (which we deferred) and would take it and clean it. We had nothing for them to do or clean so it was unnecessary for them to come out. We did a lot of stuff on our own. Since they were there, we had them help us get a loveseat and couch out from the basement. They simply quit trying with the couch as they said it was impossible to get this out. 2 minutes after they left, my son and I had the couch out in the garage. I have a feeling you charge for every single little thing so I hope I am not charged for taking out that furniture because they didn't. Nick called everyday prior to him or someone else coming over to check the dryness and move fans or take fans. Overall, I was satisfied with the service. I just think better communication initially would have been good. Its a very hard and emotional thing to go through when your house and belongings get damaged, especially when it was all just remodeled! But overall, I believe everyone who came out knew what they were doing and were nice.
November 27, 2018
They were very cooperative and arrived when they said they were going to
November 26, 2018
Saint Cloud, MN
The guys were quick clean and very easy to deal with.