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The floor or carpet in an office or commercial space experiences daily foot traffic and as a result, it is consistently gathering dirt and debris that can cause it to appear dull and dirty.  Many companies do not have the resources to adequately clean their hard floors or carpet in house and if they are not properly maintained, they can start to deteriorate.  ServiceMaster Professional Services provides commercial carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning for Minneapolis, MN.  We are a leader in commercial specialty cleaning and our technicians make your carpet, flooring and furniture look its best.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting consistently accumulates dirt and other soil within the fibers from the Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Hard Floor Cleaningdaily foot traffic it experiences and it will wear and or deteriorate quickly without the proper maintenance.  The technicians of ServiceMaster Professional Services have the necessary training and equipment to deep clean commercial carpeting and restore its original look to improve the appearance of your office.  Our relationships with carpet manufacturers keep us up to date on proper care techniques, ensuring your carpet’s life and enhanced appearance.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services begin with pre-treatment for spots and stains followed by the cleaning process using advanced equipment that removes deeply embedded soil from the carpet fibers.  After the carpet is cleaned, we provide fabric protection services and keep you informed on the best ways to maintain your carpet to help extend its life.  We offer our commercial carpet cleaning services as one-time cleanings or regularly scheduled cleanings for businesses that want consistent maintenance for their carpet.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

ServiceMaster Professional Services knows how to properly care for a variety of hard floor surfaces including vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, and wood.  Hard surface floors are ideal for many commercial settings because of their durability but they can gather dirt and debris within the cracks and crevices of the floor which could cause the finish to wear out.  Our technicians can effectively clean all types of hard surface floors in commercial settings using our advanced cleaning equipment to remove embedded dirt and restore its appearance.  We also provide floor refinishing and hard floor stripping and waxing services for office and commercial settings in addition to our floor cleaning services.

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Other Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Professional Services offers other types of commercial cleaning services to Minneapolis, MN including furniture and upholstery cleaning, PTAC cleaning, window cleaning, computer cleaning, and more.

The condition of the flooring or carpeting in your office or commercial space can greatly affect the look of your work space and if it is not properly maintained, the floor or carpet will appear dirty and deteriorate.  ServiceMaster Professional Services can effectively clean and restore your floor or carpet with our carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning services in Minneapolis, MN.  These services will help improve the look of your office and extend the life of your floors.  Contact us online or call us at 800-245-4622 for more information about our commercial carpet and floor cleaning services.

August 17, 2018
Sanford Resig
Your service man Jon Treischel called us before he came to our house to make sure we would be home. He arrived on time and after looking at the flooding in our storage room told us what would be involved. We gave him the OK and he proceeded to remove the wet carpeting and drywall. He removed all the mold and sanitized the space. He left the site clean and dry. He was very nice and answered all the questions that we had. He did a wonderful job and we couldn't have been more pleased. We would definitely recommend your company to our friends. Sincerely, Sandy and Bonnie Resig P.S. Jon is a great employee and you should do everything you can to keep him.
August 16, 2018
Saint Cloud, MN
They were prompt and ready to answer my questions.
August 4, 2018
Marshall, MN
They listen to you, are friendly, quick, and are super knowledgeable.