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Air Duct Cleaning in Mandan, ND

Your air duct system in Mandan, ND shouldn’t become a problem.

The air duct system is an important system in a home but many homeowners pay little attention to it until it becomes a problem.  Debris such as dirt, dust, mold, pollen, and animal dander gather within the air ducts and it is recirculated through the air every time the heat or air conditioner kicks on.  When this debris is combined with moisture within the air ducts, it creates the perfect conditions for fungus, mold, and other germs to grow which can create health risks for those in your home.  In fact, studies have shown that some diseases such as salmonella, strep, and legionnaire’s disease can be spread by contaminated air ducts.

ServiceMaster Professional Services provides air duct cleaning services to Mandan, ND and the surrounding areas.

Our trained technicians have the proper cleaning equipment to remove gathered dirt and debris from the air ducts in your home as well as the component parts of the system.  These air duct cleaning services will not only make the breathing air in your home healthier by removing the contaminates from the air ducts, but also improve the heating and cooling efficiency of the system, resulting in lower energy bills.

You should consider having your air ducts cleaned if you have:

  • A recently built home
  • A home that was recently remodeled or under construction
  • Recently bought a new home and aren’t sure if the air duct have been cleaned
  • Lived in your home for several years without ever cleaning the air ducts
  • A possible indoor air pollution problem

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you have indoor air pollution:

  • Do you have an air circulating system that utilizes a standard fiberglass filter?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have smokers in your house?
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory infections?
  • Is there a large dust buildup in your home?
  • Do you experience headaches, nausea, or burning sensations in the nose, throat, or eyes when inside your home?
  • Is there a dust buildup on your air duct registers or in the filter housing for the furnace filter?

If your home in Mandan, ND could benefit from having the air ducts professionally cleaned, contact ServiceMaster Professional Services at 701-222-7218.  We provide air duct cleaning services to Mandan, ND as well as the surrounding communities in Burleigh, Emmons, Grant, Kidder, McLean, Mercer, Morton, Oliver, Sheridan, and Sioux counties.

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